Sunday, August 30, 2015


 ~ Kirsty Mitchell

~ Rosie Hardy 

So last night I spent hours again looking through old flickr accounts that used to inspire me beyond words. I re-remembered how it felt to get that burning artistic / expressionist desire to photograph my exact mood into some kind of dream-like image. It's an incredibly releasing thing haha, Now it's a matter of merging an outfit into that and somehow creating a fusion of mood and also inspiring people to get that same inspiration kick. blogs are funny things. It's just one big diary that you can use any form of media really to express yourself. And looking back on my old flickr, I remembered how it felt at certain times, and I am really glad I did that in order to reflect now! It's so powerful that nostalgic feeling. 

I heard a song the other day which I used to sing in school.  The line of lyrics that really triggered me was 'I know I'm filled to be emptied again, this seed I've received I will sew". This one sentence brought so much clarity to me. I guess no matter what you do there are times of inspiration and times of dryness. But it's the knowing that both seasons you go through, are just as important as the other. It's like you can only take so much, and you need to be emptied again to grow upon or receive new perspective. You can't just stay filled with what you know and expect this to last.

I have realised now, growing up I depended so strongly upon God and the knowing he was looking after me. Naturally I have this grand optimistic outlook on life, I always love to spend my time enjoying the moments and not thinking too far in advance because I have a deep down certainty which ever direction life goes, I will still have this joy and a peace. But the thing is, you can't receive this by pursuing a shallow 'happiness' which a lot of us are brought up thinking, via media / people in our lives etc. This is a dead end, you may have fleeting moments of it but it's never going to be a strong foundation to build or feel secure upon. I spent the beginning of this year living out of home trying new things for the sake of "growing". I guess looking back, I was bored and just a bit out of touch with my morals. I wanted to feel something new and get out of my comfort zone. This resorted to me going totally against my conscious, although my "experiments", most people would laugh at and say they are harmless and innocent, the point is, I relied on a shallow mood or feeling with no substance to push me into the direction of doing this. It's so easy to feel "okay" about doing just about anything nowadays, the grey area is getting larger and larger and without believing in something we can literally fall for ANYTHING. And I am not a dramatic person, really not. But I just have to get this off my chest because I genuinely love and want the best for people and lately I have been seeing confusion greater then ever. The thing is, we all get to a point in life where we crave black and white. We need firm morals to base our lives upon. We need to be surrounded by kind people who care about our well being and we need to be selfless enough as people to do this for the people who do it for us. And this means we have to reach a point of maturity where life is about serving. 


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