Sunday, September 6, 2015

Work Out

Relax-wear / sport luxe is everywhere now, you can really style your workout gear and no one will question you haha. I always drive past this forest on the way home and it reminds me of a forest Theresa and I ran through in New Zealand. I have been in before but never running. I guess the combination of wanting to re-live those memories and utilise these pants that clearly state ‘WORK OUT’ made me stop and embrace hahaha. Now I realised how unfit I am too, time to snap myself into gear!! 

This week, I realised in everything there is beauty. in any circumstance any single occasion in life IT IS THERE. Of course there are times when it feels so dark but the difference between people that really embrace and enjoy life is that, seeing this beauty comes so naturally. Sometimes it's good to remind ourselves of actually how little we came in knowing and having. All of this knowledge and the possessions we have are here for us to utilise productively. If it gets to the point where it effects our outlook negatively, CULL physical and mental cleanouts are always good (my brother told me this yesterday). We are not always in control of what comes into our lives but we are in total control of what we let effect us. Things that are not beneficial can be made powerless. We have to let there be room to be inspired by the things we want to have an effect on us. Okay that's all I had to say hahaha.

But I do want to leave you with this incredible song that is a dream to run to, on full blast through a forest~~ haha

Outfit Links ~~ 

Pants – Backroom 
Knit top – Backroom  
DIY felt dumpling bag – Miss Little Bags 
Knit Beanie – Twigs and Wool 


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